Steamship Luggage Tag

  • Naturally Tanned Leather
  • Personalisation is available for up to 8 characters/spaces.
  • 120 x 65mm ( h x w )

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A handsome hand-made leather luggage tag reminiscent of a time past.

For the traveller who appreciates fine leather right down to the label on the suitcase. Tanner Bates leatherwork is distinctive and made in small numbers so we can safely guarantee that you wont be confusing your luggage with anyone else’s on the carousel.

It's discreet, the Steamship Luggage Tag doesn't openly reveal your name and contact details although the important information is available if needed.

The Steamship Luggage Tag is supplied with a blank card for personal details. Alternatively, you may wish to insert a standard 90 x 55 mm business card.

Personalisation is available for up to 8 characters/spaces.

Hand-made from the finest leather

We make the Steamship Luggage Tag from full grain Italian leather. Follow this link for more information about our leather

The design was inspired by early 1900's European travel luggage when the well-off travelled with trunks and porters.

Our Naturally tanned leather is tough and can take a battering. We stitch it with a durable rot resistant thread which will give years of service. Occasionally a dose of Tanner Bates Liquid wax will make it look good as new.

Our full grain Italian leather benefits from a dose of Tanner Bates Hide Food every 6 months or more often if you are lucky enough to find yourself in a hot dry climate for a period of time, in which case apply every 3 months. This way your leather will give many years of service becoming even more desirable with time and use.

Love your Leather

Our leather is ethically and sustainably processed. The tannery uses a mixture of tree barks to transform the animal hides to leather. This is an ancient tradition which yields the familiar leather smell. Natural oils evaporate over time and need replenishing. Your leather benefits from and will look its very best if given an occasional dose of natural waxes and oils. Our Leather care information card is included with every purchase.

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