We make bags out of an extraordinary leather to delight the senses. While they have a contemporary function, made to fit your digital devices, they carry a story as old as time. The leather is made in a tannery in East Devon run by a water wheel, the mahogany brown stain is applied by hand giving a depth and an irregular appearance. The tallow which deepens the colour and add suppleness to the hide is kept warm on a gas ring and then pressed into the grain with a glass slicker on an ancient slate bench.

We hand make each bag in our Devon workshop using traditional saddlers hand tools to cut and stitch this superb leather into a timeless creation (sorry bag, in this context, is too short a word) that will last many years, will be loved and handed down as an heirloom to the next generation.

Our Devon Messenger Bag, Baja Travel Bag, or Hong Kong Carry Bag or the Oak Bark Leather Belt may or may not be “fashionable” but they are definitely “luxury”. They will draw the admiring gazes of others and become a cherished possession loved by its lucky owner like a classic car or a well used wallet

Truly exclusive, unique and luxurious Tanner Bates Oak Bark Leather Bags and Belts are coveted by many but owned by just a few.