Hand-made Leather Pocket

Uniquely interesting handmade leather pocket protector made from Italian leather with a very strong character

  • Full Grain Italian Leather
  • Choice of Tumbled Mahogany or Burnt Ochre leather 
  • Copper Rivets
  • 3 Popular Sizes
  • Free personalisation up to 12 characters

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Tumbled Mahogany
Burnt Ochre

Perfect Pocket Protectors

Our Leather Pocket started life as a functional pocket protector. We enhanced its stylish lines, cut it from our best Italian saddle leather, stitched it with heavy thread and strengthened it with copper rivets. Our Handmade Leather Pocket is a rugged fashion accessory as well as a good-looking functional utility. It was originally made for carrying hand tools in the pocket but can also be used for pens or whatever else takes your fancy. Some keep it in their handbag or briefcase while others just leave it on the desk. The feel and smell of this leather is just great to have around.

Hand-made Leather Pocket by Tanner Bates

Free Personalisation

The Handmade Leather Pocket looks great with blue denim (and a matching Tanner Bates belt) and is popular with both men and women.

You are welcome to personalise your Handmade Leather Pocket with up to 12 characters.

The Handmade Leather Pocket will bear the impression of Tanner Bates, the maker and, if you choose it, your own personalisation. You can choose the position either on the pocket lip or hidden on the very back. 

Leather Pocket Protectors by Tanner Bates
Leather Pocket Protectors by Tanner Bates

Full Grain Italian Leather

Like all naturally tanned leather the Handmade Leather Pocket distresses easily and will show scratch marks. This is part of the appeal of this particular leather.
Your Handmade Leather Pocket likes an occasional dose of Tanner Bates Hide Food which deepens any scratches or scuffs which then become part of the growing patina of this supple natural leather. Do not leave in direct contact with heat e.g. next to a radiator.

Love your Leather

Our Naturally tanned leather is tough and can take a battering. We stitch it with a durable rot resistant thread which will give years of service.
Occasionally a dose of Tanner Bates Liquid wax will make it look good as new Naturally tanned leather benefits from and will look its very best if given an occasional dose of natural waxes and oils. Our Leather Care information card is included with every purchase.

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