Leather School® Belt Kit

Make your own Belt

You don’t need any previous leatherwork experience to make this belt look really professional. All the instructions are available the clear step by step video tutorial below.

  • Leather Colours:
    Cocoa, Saddle Tan and Black
  • Buckles:
    Heavy harness buckles in Solid Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Belt width:
    1.5” to fit all jeans, chinos and casual trousers.
Belt Size
Leather Colour
Saddle Tan

Be The Maker

Choose your favourite leather colour and waist size. Then watch the video and you’re on your way to making a belt that your friends wouldn’t believe you haven’t just bought from Tanner Bates.

Finding your size

Measure an existing belt as shown in the diagram below..


The Belt Kits come in 3 sizes Small, Medium and Large. There are 7 holes 1″ apart with the centre holes at: Small 32″ Medium 36″ and Large 40″. The 7 holes cover 3″ in each direction eg: Small 30-36″, Medium 34-40″, Large 38-44″.

Trouser Size

Its worth mentioning that trouser size is not an accurate measurement but if thats all you have to go by Small covers sizes 28-34″, Medium 32-38″ and Large 36-42″

Leather School Belt Kit


You can now make your own belt without hammering rivets or doing complicated stitching. At Leather School® we have devised a technique using a really strong braided thread to fasten the buckle and keeper. We supply the leather for belt and keepers cut to length with holes in the right places, a buckle made out of solid brass or stainless steel, lace, and enough edge treatment and finishing wax to give you a really professional finish.

Buy a Leather School® Belt Kit as a Gift and let us personalise it for you with the name of the lucky recipient. – Handmade by …..

We personalise the belt kit for you with the name of the lucky recipient. – Handmade by …..