Love your Leather

With time, use and care your Tanner Bates product will grow to be even more desirable than it is today.

Just like our own skin, leather contains oils and fats that keep it supple. If these oils dry out the surface of the leather begins to crack.

Tanner Bates Hide Food is a blend of pH balanced natural waxes and oils perfect for feeding Oak Bark and other naturally tanned leathers. Rub a dose into the outside (the grain side) of the leather and leave overnight. Any surplus not absorbed by the next day can be wiped off with a lint free cloth and brushed with a soft clean shoe brush.

Repeat every 6 months or every 3 if in a hot dry climate.

If your leather gets wet leave to dry out naturally in an airy environment then apply as above.

Tanner Bates Liquid Wax is a dressing and cleaner.

Use as and when. If your leather gets scraped and scuffed and you want to restore an even appearance apply Liquid Wax with a lint free cotton cloth. Don’t worry if any colour comes off as well – its normal and part of the process.

Once it dries buff up with a clean part of the same cloth

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